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Welcome to Bicentennial Title and Escrow

If you are about to purchase, sell or refinance a home you'll need the services of a title insurance agency like BTE. Get to know us here at our web site to answer your questions about our services.

BTE is a locally owned and operated title insurance agency servicing Middle Tennessee families since the early 1980's. Our services include issuance of title insurance, escrow services, and all services related to residential and commercial real estate title searching and closing.

We utilize state-of-the-art computerized equipment to process information and transmit data with more accuracy and speed then ever before.

The primary purpose of Bicentennial Title & Escrow is to eliminate risk and prevent losses caused by defects in residential or commercial title arising out of events that happened in the past. Title insurance guarantees that there are not any title problems prior to when the policyholder takes title. A title insurance policy is issued for a reasonable, one-time fee.

Simply stated, Bicentennial Title & Escrow insurance removes risk to property owners and lenders.

· Need to settle on a WEEKEND or EVENING? - We'll settle or close at your convenience, your place or ours.
· Need to know about COMMUNITY CONVENANTS and RESTRICTIONS? - We'll have them for you the same day.
· Need a SURVEY? - We'll order it for you ahead of settlement.
· Need a DEED? - We can obtain a copy of a recorded deed for you the same day.
· Need a NOTARY PUBLIC? - We are all notaries at BTE. This service is provided to you FREE of charge.
· Need a DEED OF TRUST, MORTGAGE or NOTE prepared? - NO PROBLEM!!!
· Need to see a personalized SETTLEMENT SHEET for your seller or buyer? - We will fax it to you within minutes.
· Seller or buyer out of town and require a SPECIFIC POWER OF ATTORNEY? - We can deliver it to your customer the same day.